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Creative and Effective Legal Strategies for your Immigration, Investment, and Business needs in the U.S.

About Us

We are a premier law firm dedicated to providing solutions in business and investment immigration law with offices in San Diego, California, The Woodlands, Texas, and Tijuana, Mexico. Wether you are an investor interested in living and doing business in the United States, an entrepreneur who wants to expand his business, a person with extraordinary abilities, or someone interested in becoming a permanent resident or American citizen – Vidal Law Firm has the experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

“Our mission and greatest commitment is to play an important role in achieving the goals of our Clients.”


What we offer

We offer legal solutions in immigration and business matters for investors and entrepreneurs who want to do business and/or live in the United States. Our work results are reflected in a soft landing for our clients, which in the end, allows them to safely and calmly undertake their business and life projects in the United States.

From the planning and execution of an immigration legal strategy designed based on the immediate and long-term objectives of our clients, to the design and formation of a corporate structure based on the characteristics of the business, Vidal Law Firm offers comprehensive solutions that every investor requires when doing business in the United States.


“Carrying out this process with Francisco Vidal and the entire team at Vidal Law Firm, PC., was extremely pleasant and simple, their total knowledge of the matter and the processes, concluded in obtaining our E-2 Visas in a minor time than expected and with absolute tranquility and clarity of each of the stages. Without a doubt, it was a great decision to work with Francisco and his team.”

Patricio Torres Marco

“We came to Vidal Law Firm on the recommendation of a third party, honestly it is a Firm that, in addition to providing us with an excellent solution to our case, gives you warmth, trust and professionalism throughout the process that we had to go through. They always gave us personalized attention seeking to clarify our doubts. The great experience they have in the legal world makes the process lighter and within everything we feel confident and supported by the great work team.”

David Cotero

“I am very grateful to the entire Vidallawfirm team for advising me in the process of managing my visa, always providing a friendly treatment, with quick responses and effective results, Bernardo”.

Bernardo Alcántar

“Francisco Vidal was recommended to me because he was interested in processing and obtaining an E2 VISA for the whole family. The advice I received from the first call was very professional and warm. The service that he gave me was very complete since it deals with the commercial part of the company, advice on the type of investment and the best financial alternatives. Francisco Vidal and his team provide you with personalized attention and take you by the hand throughout the entire process. I really recommend Vidal Law Firm.”

Fernando Diarte

“My experience in the process of the E2 Visa with Vidal Law Firm has been excellent and I highly recommend them, it is a formal company and they were in communication at every stage solving all my doubts”.

Cristobal del Rio

“Very efficient”.

Alejandro Tagle Robles

“Mr. Vidal was always very clear and to the point with his recommendations. The team is very capable and always responds quickly. I highly recommend them”.

Jaime Padilla

“In order not to lengthen myself with a long explanation, I would only like to say that I am very demanding and demanding and if I had to do a process again, I would do it with Vidal Law Firm.”.

Santiago Calderón

“Great team. Very organized and professional who gave me an extraordinary service, attention and follow-up from day one”.

David Bercovici

“Efficient and friendly service”.

Alejandro Montaño Urdaneta

“Very good professionals”.

Antonio Arribas

“From start to finish the treatment and service was very dedicated, clear and punctual, which led to the process being long by its nature but relatively easy and at all times you feel accompanied by Vidal’s team”.

Patricio Quiroz

“Excellent support and support in the process, always attentive to resolve with the best disposition”.

Juan Manuel Rojas Rizo


Ricardo Kuri

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